Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement

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Per our discussion and resolution at the March 2, 2008 Homeowners’ Meeting, following is additional information with regard to the new hot water system, confirmation of start date when hot water will not be available at the Resort (cold water will most likely be available for a goodly portion of the project period), and your financial obligation for these assessments:


Heat exchangers (�guts�) have burners where water flows through; five years complete replacement
Electrical parts/motor; five years complete replacement
Labor; one year

Others Installed In Area

Not in the PNW that Robben is aware of, but yes on the East Coast
Company (Rinnai) has provided at least 50 commercial installations
Largest installation done by Robben thus far is a three-unit

Current boiler insurance at $1000

Will no longer be required as there is no pressurized vessel

Propane Usage

Current boiler:
Just heating pilot light alone ~$40/month
It is not insulated and needs to keep 200 gallons hot
Estimated cost for every $1 of propane is 50� heats the water and 50� goes up the chimney
Rinnai system:
Installation will include a 40-gallon gas hot water heater that recirculates water so folks get hot water when they turn on the faucet and yet the tankless system doesn�t continually cycle on and off
Estimated cost for every $1 of propane is 85� heats water and only 15� goes up the chimney

Tax Credits

At this moment, we do not qualify for a tax credit. Please visit for a more full explanation of the current status.

Start Date Confirmed

Monday, May 5th through Sunday May 11th
HOWEVER, we must remain aware that this is a construction project and, while it is not anticipated, should an unforeseen problem be encountered, abatement of such could result in the job not being finished by the target date of May 11th, so flexibility with regard to your scheduling is strongly advised.


50% due upon start and remainder due upon completion

Equipment Brochure (PDF)

Your Financial Obligation and Timing

The Special Assessments cost sheet (see below) which includes the foundation repair expense for everyone, is attached. All monies are due no later than May 1, 2008. If you are unable to make this assessment payment in full by that date, please immediately contact Marilee Irwin for payments-over-time arrangements. She can be reached at: 503-556-9488


Deb Bogaev

Special Assessment for Foundation Repair and Boiler Replacement
Breakdown by Unit Number (pdf)

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