Deck and siding project progress, so far.

November 1, 2010

An update from Bruce, regarding the siding/decking project:

“Things continued slower than we would like. The flu attacked the entire crew keeping progress slow.

“The deck boards are on the 2nd floor and the posts and beams are on the 3rd floor for the first 30 foot section.

“They will be increasing the size of the crew starting next week to speed things up.

“The 1st load of shingles will be delivered either today, or tomorrow, along with some medium shakes to roof the bay windows.”

Thanks Bruce! Let’s hope this project can be done by the time the Winter storms really hit, or at least get the building buttoned up if the weather does stop construction.

It’s nice to see the 6×6 posts instead of those old, rickety-looking, 4x4s holding up two levels of decking. It’s obvious that in the long run, this will be a big upgrade for the infrastructure of the building, and a good investment for NRHA.

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