Deck and siding project update.

Construction Update: The decks and repairs on the middle section are now complete. Replacement doors and windows may still need installation as the supplies come in. No further construction will take place until January 3 so homeowners can enjoy their units or rent them as they choose. Decks do not have the dividers up between units, however, so please remind your guests to be respectful of your neighbors space.

Demolition and construction will begin on the remaining northern section on January 3. The process has been hampered by significant dry rot repair in some locations, particularly on units without storm doors, replacement of windows, and by poor building construction by the previous contractors. The process also requires frequent inspections by the county which can hold up the work.The contractor indicated that once all the decks are in place, they will then begin building and installing the dividers. He will also present the board with a list of all units that did not have storm doors, those that required repairs, and those that need new outside doors because of dry rot issues. The board will discuss at its next meeting on January 16 whether to require all homeowners to install storm doors. The board likely will discuss whether to replace all Westside doors with composite doors and frames that are resistant to dry rot. Once the windows and doors are in place, the siding will be installed and the project will be complete.

This is your last call on windows: If you would like to replace your windows, now is the time to do it before the siding is installed. Our contractor is getting a great deal because of the large volume of work, and it is much less expensive for you to have it done now before the siding is replaced. Please contact our contractor, Larry Attinger at if you would like to have this done. These windows are highly energy efficient Milgard windows that are custom made to fit your window. Even if you do not replace your windows, you can rest assured this contractor is making the effort to caulk and seal all around the window mountings to avoid the leaks that some of you have experienced.

Thank you for your patience on this very complex project. We will be safer and drier as a result of our investment.

NRHA Board of Directors

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